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What To Bring

Sunscreen with the appropriate SPF for your skin. (no Spray on Sunscreen please)
Snacks Drinks (Cold waters will be provided on boat)
Alcohol is allowed, providing passengers consuming it are of legal age. 
Waterproof Camera (or Waterproof phone/case)
Non Marking Boat Shoes
Towels (you may get wet)

What To Not Bring

Jewelry is best left at home, rather then lost at sea. If you wish to wear rings, please bring gloves to wear over them. 
Spray on Sunscreen, While easier to apply, spray on stains seats, and leaves chemicals on equipment that can prevent fish from biting. 
Excessive Electronics. You will most likely get wet, and JB Charters is not responsible for any damaged electronics while on your trip. 
Your own Equipment (if you REALLY want to try out that new Rod/Reel, or have a trusty setup you want to bring, Contact us prior to your charter)

What To Expect

You will get wet, someway, somehow, at some point. Whether ocean spray, rain, or water splashing from  a fish. (We understand how silly this sounds, but we have to make sure everyone knows)

Sometimes people get sick at sea, for multiple reasons. We wont judge you if this happens. However if you feel you may get sick, prepare appropriately, but don't let it scare you away from a great day fishing! 

It may rain, it may storm, we cannot control the weather. Heck the sun may melt the boat (just kidding, but it can get hot), so check the weather and be prepared. Contact us if you have extra questions about what you may need. We also have an AWESOME weather widget on the top right of every page, and it is set for Apalachicola. Check it out! 

There is no silly questions, if you have a question that was not answered here, please contact us!

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