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Notice of Charter Policies

Weather is something no one can 100% predict.
Because of this the Captain will discuss alternative equal value Charter options with you if the weather impedes your Charter.  
- Example - High wind speed affecting offshore Charter. High winds can risk capsizing the vessel, reduction of fishing productivity, and less fun for the whole trip. The captain most often would suggest swapping to a Bay charter of equal time as the bay is not affected by the winds the same as an offshore trip would be. For policies on refunds please check the "Trip Details" section on each individual charter. 

Passengers on our vessels are limited to 6, it doesn't matter how many are fishing, watching, filming, sunbathing. 6 is the LEGAL limit per vessel based on licensing. If you are bringing more then 6 passengers, PLEASE contact us asap, as we can discuss options with you for bringing larger groups. 

Sunscreen is a must have for those not wishing to be burned during a day charter. however Spray on Sunscreen is something we do not allow on our vessels. It can rub off on equipment and seats causing stains which are costly to clean/repair. please use normal sunscreen or ask the captain as we usually have some onboard as well.


Food/Drinks are also a great thing to bring. However we do have coolers on board, so before bringing a big cooler for your drinks. get in touch with us and we can help reduce the excess cargo on the vessel. We also provide water for passengers, but snacks or food due to allergies and diet is left up to the passenger themselves.  Just please dont bring a Bannana On board (its a fisherman superstition thing we would love to share in person while on our way to the fish, if you are curious!)

I have read and agree to the policies


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